Atlantic City Craps Odds Report December 2022

High Limit table games at Golden Nugget Atlantic CityHigh Limit table games at Golden Nugget Atlantic City. May 2021

Update: We updated this craps information in December 2022.

Craps is one of the most popular table games in Atlantic City. One of our readers sent us some updated craps odds at Atlantic City’s ten casinos that deal the game. Thank you to our contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous. 

Here are the latest reported craps minimum bets and odds from Atlantic City casinos:

  • Harrah’s: $5 (Roll to Win, 5x odds)
  • Harrah’s: $10 (5x odds tall)
  • Ocean Resort: $25 (3-4-5x odds)
  • Wild Wild West: $10 (5x odds tall)
  • Bally’s: $15 (10x odds on at least one table, otherwise 5x )
  • Borgata: $15 (3-4-5x odds)
  • Golden Nugget (10x odds on at least one table, otherwise 5x): $15 
  • Caesars: $25 (5x odds tall)
  • Hard Rock: $15 (5x odds)
  • Resorts: $15 (5x odds tall)
  • Tropicana: $15 (5x odds tall)

The notable changes are that Ocean Resort jumped from $10 to $25 over the last year, Caesars went from $15 to $25, Golden Nugget now has 10 times odds for at least one table outside of high limit, Wild Wild West went to five times tall, and Bally’s has at least one table of 10 times odds. 

The tall odds refer to fixing the odd amount on the 5 and 9 at $15 and $25 tables. It raises the maximum to a number that works better with the math to avoid the need to round change.

A player making a $15 line bet can go up to $100 in odds on 5 and 9. A $30 player can take up to $300 in odds on 5 and 9 and $250 for the 6 and 8. 

This information has been updated in our Atlantic City table game survey. This covers all the table games dealt on the Boardwalk and Marina District. 

There are several video craps games available in Atlantic City. The minimum bet is usually $2 to $5. Craps odds are usually double on electronic table games. Like live tables, the field always pays double. 

If you have any Atlantic City game updates, we encourage you to contact us. We can be reached at admin@atlanticcityadvantage. 

Thank you again to the player that reported these changes. We appreciate the tip and hope to have more updates in the future.

Craps is also available at New Jersey online casinos

Most New Jersey online casinos deal craps. It is sometimes available as a qualifying game when clearing online casino bonuses, though some online casinos exclude it. The minimum bet is usually $1. It is sometimes less. Maximum odds are usually double the line bet. The field pays double on 12, just like it does at Atlantic City casinos.