Atlantic City Casinos Offer Great Low Limit Roulette Rules

00 roulette table at Borgata Atlantic City00 roulette table

Atlantic City is known as one of the best casino towns for roulette. That is because there are unique rules not found in other markets that are friendly to players. We have also found that roulette minimum bets tend to be competitive in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City casinos offer la partage on double zero roulette

Atlantic City roulette tables with two zeros have an unusual rule. When a player makes even money outside bets like red, black, odd, even, high and low, and the ball lands on zero or double zero, the player receives half of the bet back on these wagers. This rule is called la partage. I have not seen it anywhere else in the United States on double zero roulette wheels. 

Typically, all but one bet on a double zero roulette wheel has a 5.26% house advantage. The other bet is the five numbers on the basket, which are 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. This has a 7.89% house edge.

When players bet the even money outsides on an Atlantic City roulette wheel, the house edge is only 2.63%. This is slightly better than single zero roulette, which has a 2.7% house edge. 

Atlantic City single zero tables do not have this rule

All Atlantic City casinos with a hotel deal single zero roulette in high limit. That makes nine casinos to play this game. Wild Wild West, which does not have a hotel or a high limit salon, is the only Atlantic City casino that does not have a single zero roulette wheel. Many consider it to be part of Caesars, and not a standalone casino.

Single zero roulette in Atlantic City plays like double zero roulette in other states. There is no la partage. It is a standard game with a 2.7% house advantage on all bets. If your plan is to only bet the even money numbers, you are slightly better off at a double zero roulette table in Atlantic City, unless you think that the drink service or comps are better in high limit.

The minimum bet for single zero roulette in Atlantic City is usually $100. It can drop to $50 during slow periods. 

Most Las Vegas casinos don’t deal single zero roulette

The only other casino market with a substantial number of single zero roulette wheels is Las Vegas. In our Fall 2022 Vegas Advantage Newsletter, we counted 66 casinos with live roulette, including 29 on the Strip. Of those 66 casinos, only 15 have a form of single zero roulette. That is only 23%. In Atlantic City, 90% or 100% of the casinos deal single zero roulette, depending on your definition. 

There are 13 casinos with single zero roulette on the Las Vegas Strip. One is downtown. The other is in the locals market. 

There is an advantage high limit players will find in Las Vegas. The la partage rule that applies to double zero roulette in Atlantic City is available at 11 of those 15 Las Vegas casinos on single zero wheels. It typically requires at least $100 to play at these tables, which are called European Roulette in Las Vegas.

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No triple zero roulette in Atlantic City

New Jersey gaming regulations do not permit triple zero roulette. All wheels must have one or two zeros. Triple zero roulette would require a change to that. It seems highly unlikely that would happen as long as double zero wheels continue to have the liberal rules on even money bets. 

Triple zero roulette is dealt in some other markets. Every Las Vegas Strip casino deals at least one table of it. We also found it at Maryland casinos

Online casinos typically do not offer la partage

With rare exception, New Jersey online casinos do not have la partage. If it is available, it is usually called French Roulette. Standard single zero roulette is often called European Roulette at online casinos. Double zero roulette will usually be called American Roulette.

Many online casinos deal single zero roulette. When it is available, there is no reason to play double zero roulette. Both are often offered by legal online casinos. The minimum bets are usually the same or close, so single zero roulette is always the right choice. 

All New Jersey online roulette is either single or double zero. There are no triple zero games.